Can I Send Batteries Via A Courier?

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motocycle batteries Can I Send Batteries Via A Courier?One of the questions we get asked is whether is you’re allowed to send batteries via our parcel delivery suppliers Unfortunately the answer is no due to the potentially volitile nature of some of them. That not only includes household versions such as the ubiqitious Duracell batteries, but also very clearly lead acid batteries such as motorcycle batteries and car batteries. We are able to help you send a range of vehicle parts, but not their batteries I’m afraid.

The words “lead acid” don’t really need much explaining as to why couriers typically can’t send batteries of that type using the normal methods. We’re very sorry about this, but these are the conditions set out by the carriers.

Whenever you book a parcel with us it’s essential that you check the list of prohibited items.

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Written by admin on February 13th, 2012

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