Shipping Labels And How To Find Them

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When you place an order for a courier collection and delivery, or whatever service level, we’ll email you a link to download your shipping label for you to secure to your parcel. At times we all have email problems where our most important communications just don’t come through. To solve this you can now login to your account and download the label from there.

Below you can see what your dashboard looks like and where to find the label:

pmlabel Shipping Labels And How To Find Them

Simply click the option “All Shipments” and then next to the relevant order you will see four possible actions:

pmlabel2 Shipping Labels And How To Find Them

Selecting the third one will open up the shipping label with all the information the courier needs to fulfil your shipment. It’s that simple!

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Written by admin on February 3rd, 2011

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