Where Do You Track Parcel Monkey?

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PM tracking Where Do You Track Parcel Monkey?This has to be one of the simplest and most straight-forward answer to any question we get asked.

At the bottom of the homepage there is a box labelled: “City Link Tracking / DHL Tracking / Parcelforce Tracking” where you can simply place your own, unique, Parcel Monkey tracking number into the box – this number will be emailed after you have transacted and visible within your own “My Monkey” account.

When  you use this tracking number beginning with PM_ we will do some clever technical stuff and  show you the tracking results dependent on which carrier you chose for your order. We’ve purposely tried to make the tracking process as simple and straight-forward as possible as we appreciate that if you’re wanting to track your parcel you won’t want to be searching high and low for the pertinent information.

Within the My Monkey” section we offer you a great deal more information should you wish to monitor and interact with your orders in more detail.

I hope that helps.

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Written by admin on February 28th, 2012

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